The Beauty of the Horse

Have you ever had a ridiculously stressful day? Problems with the boss, family, or kids? Stress can build and build. For me it starts in my mid back, works up to my shoulders, creeps up my neck, and takes residency on the bottom of my head. I have tried so many different stress relieving techniques. Yoga, Pilates, hot baths, massages, even acupuncture, but nothing has been as beneficial for me as simply getting on a horse.

I cannot pinpoint the exact one thing it is about horseback riding that really gets to me.  It is such a freeing feeling, riding through the great outdoors with out a care in the world. Feeling a connection with an incredible animal that does not judge you for not wearing makeup or the right clothes, but one that simply loves being outdoors.

I believe horses can sense all human feelings. They know when you need to be lulled with the beat and rhythm of their trots, canters, and gallops.

Along with the horse, the views that go along with riding. Whether it is the beautiful trees, creeks, flowers, rivers, mountains, etc the view is always better while riding a horse. Being able to feel the breeze, smell the fresh air, and hear the peaceful, natural sounds around you do something for your soul.

Trees and Undergrowth: A Blessing and Curse

One of the best things about living in North Texas is the water and trees  but it also can make it very difficult to farm and ranch and get the most productivity out of the land.

I am grew up in West Texas and trust me, I appreciate Tree more than most and hate cutting and clearing but unfortunately it is a necessary evil in the industry.

I know that I do not care to nor have the time to go take care of land clearing and maintenance activities.  I am busy tending the herd so to speak.

Grass and roughage quality begins to royally suck when the oak and cedar trees  are blocking all the light.  We have soil with tons of organic mater and on most years we get enough grain for adequate grazing and / or hay farming.  Again, None of this is potable with out the tree cleared out a least a little.

Check these guys out.  Tree Service Mckinney

They did a awesome job for us. They are a little smaller company but, I like to support local businesses.  I hate support these corporate outfits.  America would be some much better if a person was a little more willing to keep their money in town and state.

Anyway they left no mess and over delivered in every aspect of what they said they would do.  We are actually considering them for a another job around.

Back onto the tree service….. SO many people will tell you to hire a professional arborist but that term is a very loose term. I have felt with several companies that quote had professional arborist and they were no more knowledgable than me… which is pretty limited.  Bottomline, Find a company that you like doing business with and is reputable and take care of it.  Spending a little money upfront will pay dividends in future production of your property.

A visit to the stock yards

Recently  we took a trip down to Sundance Square and the Stockyards and it got me thinking about what really triggered our way of life and the province of the equine industry in this part of Texas.

So believe it or not, the stock years were called “Wall Street of the West” at one point and I can see why.  While Horse and the industry do not have the prominence and even dependence that it did a 100 years ago,  the stock years definitely helped to pave the way for North Texas.


So I have to give a shameless plug to my buddies limo company in Arlington.  We will cal it a the modern day horse and chariot.  They were awesome, gave us a really good deal for 6 hours of transportation. The driver was a trip as well. But anyway. Check them out should you need to hitch a ride in Arlington or somewhere in North Texas.

Back to the stock yards…. It would have been amazing to see them in the ha day. Post World War II with the advent of Paved Roads.  The stock years saw a drastic decline and ultimately led to the decline to what we see today.

Nowadays, the Stockyards are a glorified tourist attraction.  While admittedly, a very fun tourist attraction, still a tourist attraction.  It is intently to think that place really is a ton of credit for the western way of  life that is still prevalent in the area.

Well just a little trip down memory lane.  Boneless the less a pretty neat thought about what shaped a major driver of the economy in North Texas and Fort Worth.


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I will be talking about the Texas Horse Country but I suppose you could have gotten that form the name of the blog. Check it out for more information thoughts and maybe a little history about the North Texas and West Texas Horse and cattle country that shaped us in today the society we are today